World Class Processor

When we set out to create CH3 Solutions, we did so with the intention of developing the world's best injection molding company.  It was about more than achieving ISO Certification - although we are proud of this accomplishment.  It was about creating a company based on a different Thought Process and Culture.

Our leaders have worked in billion dollar companies and noted that while most organizations preach about Process, Quality and Culture, most are driven by the bottom line.  At CH3 Solutions, we set out to a create a world-class operation - one in which our customer's could visit at anytime (unannounced) and see how clean, efficiently and effectively we operate.

Top 25 World Class Processor

Recognition as World Class Processor

While our primary goal lies in earning the trust and praise of our customers, we are still very proud to have been chosen by Plastics Technology Magazine as one of the top 25 World Class Processors.

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