Turnkey Manufacturing of Injection Molded Product

Developing new products can be very challenging especially for brand new companies, but CH3 proved to be the ideal partner for one entrepreneurial company.


Freehand Travel approached CH3 looking for a manufacturer to mold and assemble it’s revolutionary, self-leveling travel cup holder that attaches to the handles of one’s carry-on luggage.


CH3 was tasked with developing the molds for all of the molded components, sourcing all other components and setting up an assembly and packaging process.

Drink Caddy


CH3 provided a complete turnkey solution.

  • Consulted on the design and sourcing of the molds to make the 6 plastic components.
  • Sourced the fasteners and non-slip pads.
  • Specified flexible TPV material for the straps.
  • Set up an assembly operation to supply completely finished and packaged products.


Free Hand Travel introduced its product and is enjoying success getting its new product placed at retailers, airport stores and coffee shops throughout the country.