Tool Room Equipment

At CH3 Solutions, we know that even the best equipment and processes in the world won't ensure that one can make quality parts in the most efficient manner.  That is why we complement our molding operation with experienced tooling professionals outfitted with the equipment that they need to ensure that molds are designed and maintained for optimal performance.

Our Tool Room Equipment

  • Multi Axis Milling Machine
  • Surface Grinder
  • Band Saw
  • Drill Press
  • Welder
  • Belt Sander

Beyond Routine Maintenance

When we talk about maintenance, we mean more than routine maintenance.  For instance, when CH3 molding took over the production for a part, the notes from the previous molder said "monitor temperature closely as parts often burn in right quadrant."  Rather than accepting this and relying solely on the press and the operator to control quality, our tooling specialists added vents to the mold and essentially eliminated the entire problem.

Tool Room Equipment
Our in-house tool room provides us with the capability to keep molds operating efficiently.