Small Volume Injection Molding

In a world where bigger is typically better, most injection molders have no interest in manufacturing small parts needed in small volume.


A leading injection molding company looking to free up capacity at its operation approached CH3 about taking over molding of a large number of small volume parts used in the production of specialty machinery.


The production of numerous small parts required constant mold changes and the labor costs associated with running each part were becoming prohibitive.

Small Volume Injection Molding


  • A move to small-tonnage, state-of-the-art electric injection molding presses reduced overall power consumption during the manufacturing process by up to 70% compared with previous hydraulic powered presses.
  • Robotics were employed to significantly reduce production labor.
  • A scrap recycling program was instituted to re-use all excess plastic.
  • An innovative closed loop process cooling system was employed that decreased cycle time while greatly reducing energy costs.
  • All molds were cleaned and adjusted to improve both cycle time and quality.
  • CH3’s manufacturing process which empowers its team members to focus on quality and continual improvement was employed.


CH3’s customer was able to keep its customer completely happy while still maintaining some profitability on the products.