Material Mastery

While inventors often exhibit brilliance in design and engineering capabilities, the knowledge of plastic materials and processing often only comes with years of experience.


CH3 was approached to manufacture and assemble the components of a monitoring device that would be attached to a breast pump.  The assembly consisted of 5 plastic parts and a small circuit board to be packaged in a standard jewel box.


When evaluating the project, CH3 noticed that the material specified for clear piece that would need to function as a clip called out a plastic that would not provide the strength and durability required of the application.


CH3 studied the application and evaluated potential materials based on clarity, flexibility, strength and cost effectiveness.  A material that better fit the requirements of the application was selected and tested and molds were created to manufacture all of the components.

An assembly and packaging process was then set up so that the customer could order completed units.


CH3’s customer avoided problems associated with the plastic clips cracking by consulting with us on the material selection.