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CH3 Solutions is a part of the Recreational Group family. Recreational Group manufactures and installs premier surfacing solutions that promote a healthy, active lifestyle. At CH3 Solutions, we have established ourselves as one of the premier injection mold parts manufacturer in the world. View our open position below for more details on how you can join the CH3 team today!

Supervisor Tech Position



Production Manager


To staff, organize and oversee all functions and personnel relating to his/her shift. Accountable for implementing procedures within his/her area of responsibility. Maintaining and processing Injection machines.


Departmental Responsibilities

  • Responsible for working with and overseeing personnel to assure quality and production standards and that a safe operation is maintained.
  • Responsible for maintaining a working knowledge of the molding machine operation manuals, auxiliary equipment operation manuals, chiller system, cooling tower system, air compressors, power distribution system and plant wide operating and emergency procedures.
  • Participate in the maintenance and set up of molds.
  • Responsible for auditing that all jobs run to prescribed cycle times.
  • Responsible for performing machine or mold troubleshooting as required. Also, responsible for troubleshooting product related problems and adjusting equipment as required to maintain quality standards.
  • Responsible for all startup/shut down, color changes and production runs of all orders.
  • Responsible for periodically checking production parts, machines and support equipment for conformance to standards and proper operating conditions and filling out correlating paperwork.
  • Responsible for performing minor machine and equipment maintenance, as required.
  • Responsible for ensuring that an adequate supply of material is on hand to provide for continuous machine operation.
  • Responsible for improving knowledge of the plastic process and process equipment -- including tooling.
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe working environment.
  • Responsible for supervising personnel for maximum performance for cost efficiency.
  • Responsible for the welfare of assigned employees, conduct of department employees and control of all activities in the best interest of the Company.
  • Responsible for executing warning notices, both verbal and written, to personnel not living up to the standards of CH3 Solutions.
  • Responsible for recording all injuries and for taking corrective action for any safety defects.
  • Responsible for monitoring absenteeism and tardiness and taking corrective action for any inconsistencies in CH3’s policies.
  • Responsible for rotating shifts with other Supervisors for Plant interaction and training purposes.
  • Responsible for the training of all personnel on his/her shift.
  • Responsible for maintaining all quality standards established by management.
  • Responsible for maintaining and staying up-dated on information from management which is pertinent to producing quality parts.
  • Responsible for working with management to insure that production meets customer standards that have been established.

Authority - To Act

  • Responsible for communications between the Shift Supervisor and with Management on all aspects of shifts and molding operation.
  • Responsible for communications on the shift, between all shift personnel, on all aspects of the shift and molding operation.
  • Responsible for filling out all forms pertaining to Plant operations properly and on time.
  • Responsible for recommending improvements in productivity and organization in our operation.
  • Responsible for ensuring that accurate production counts are recorded and posted.
  • Responsible for ensuring that shift personnel wear and use proper safety equipment including, but not limited to: Safety glasses with side shields (as needed), steel toe shoes, ear plugs (optional) and/or any other equipment as deemed necessary.
  • Responsible for routinely checking equipment in the molding room to ensure that all safety features are operational.
  • Responsible for reporting unsafe equipment and repairing or shutting down if needed.
  • Responsible for lock out / tag out as necessary.
Over-All Responsibilities
  • Responsible for becoming familiar with the over-all documentation as well as the specific requirements that are directly related to and impacted by this current position description.
  • Responsible for keeping management informed on shift activities, problems and all other information pertaining to the department and Company business verbally and by written notes.
  • Responsible for assisting management as needed with special projects.
  • Supervisors are responsible for shutting down the entire plant for weekends, holidays and in case of an emergency. Also responsible for plant start-up after a shut-down.
  • Responsible for all other duties as required
  • High school graduate or equivalent (a combination of work education and work experience may be considered in lieu of diploma.)
  • Must be familiar with Injection molding machines
  • Must be familiar with auxiliary equipment that pertains to injection molding
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the injection molding field.
  • Computer skills including MS Office, Excel, Email

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