Custom Injection Molding

CH3 Solutions offers custom injection molding services for businesses throughout the Southeastern United States. 

Our Process

The custom injection molding process starts with the mold. Our expert technicians will install your mold within one of our machines using the material and color that you’ve chosen for finished part. If you need help designing a mold, our team can help with design consultation and provide recommendations to ensure part precision and functionality.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

We use an updated process within our production cells that allows our team to manufacture parts efficiently and effectively. This translates to better lead times and better products. No longer will you have issues with unreliable parts manufacturer, as CH3 will quality-check each order and make sure that you get your parts on time, every time.

Consistency Saves You Money

CH3 Solutions was started by customers who were tired of working with inconsistent parts manufacturers. They realized that inconsistent parts, bad lead times and unpredictable delivery dates were costing them money and causing unnecessary stress.

The CH3 injection molding process is set up differently. We work with the customer directly and consult them throughout the entire process. This allows us to create reliable, high-quality parts more quickly and consistently than our competitors.