Auxiliary Equipment

In the world of injection molding plastics, even the most state-of-the-art presses can't ensure quality and efficiency on their own.  That is why we have invested heavily in the equipment needed to run a world-class operation.

Mold Temperature Control

There may be nothing more critical to producing quality parts in an efficient manner than controlling the temperature of the mold.  By employing a wide range of heat control equipment, we can produce parts faster and eliminate issues with overheated tools.

  • Frigel Microgel Mold Temperature Control Units
  • 24 Zone Gammaflux Mold Heater Controllers
  • Single Zone Mold Heater Controller
  • 8 Zone Mold Heater Controller
  • 12 Zone Mold Heater Controller


We live in a world with both rising labor costs and a growing demand for perfection.  By replacing boring, repetitive tasks with robotics, our machine operators can run multiple machines at one time and focus all their attention on ensuring quality and efficiency.

  • Robots
  • Sprue Pickers
Sprue Picker
Automatic sprue pickers reduce labor costs and enhance productivity.

Color Consistency

Experience dictates that it's difficult to control the color consistency of products without the right equipment.  At CH3 Solutions, we have invested in the latest gravimetric feeders to ensure color consistency in everything we produce.

  • Gravimetric Color Feeders
  • Gravimetric Liquid Color Feeders
  • Maguire 4 Bin Blenders

Environmentally Friendly

Conserving our precious resources, limiting our energy requirements and recycling parts are all critical to not only reducing overall costs, but minimizing our footprint on the environment.  Our innovative closed-loop cooling system and energy efficient machines lead our efforts in this area, but we also utilize in-house grinding equipment to ensure that no usable material is wasted.